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X-Rated Fairy Tales 1985
Superior Catholic Finger 1989
The Last Laugh 1989
Boxing the Clown 1990
Lactating Purple 1991
Kiss to the Brain 1992
Your Choice Live 1993
Planet-X 1994
Busting Through the Van Allan Belt 1994
Cosmic Assault 1995
"NUGG" The Transport 1996
Activated Condition 1998
Chromagnum Man 1998
Colors of Light 1999
On Tour 1999 2001
Spider Prophesy 2002
On the Dark Side of the Sun 2003
Inferior Plastic Finger 2004
Deep Blue Love Vacuum 2006
Galactic Octopi 2011


Nothing Wrong 1989
The Warming 1991
Helios Chrome 1993
Abducted 1996
Cowboy 2006 (September?)

Compilation Apearances

Insomnia 1987
Song and Legend 1987
Teriyaki Asthma 1989
Dope, Guns & Fucking in the Streets  1989
Dope, Guns & F*cking up Your Video Deck  1989 VHS Video
2003 DVD
Crunchouse 1990(?)
Smells Like Smoked Sausauges 1991
Guitarrorists 1991
The Big One 1991
Mesomorph Enduros 1992
Amphetamine Reptile 1993 Sampler 1993
Caroline Sampler #6 1994
A Saucerful of Pink 1995
Nik Turner & Travellers of Space 1995
Am-Rep Motors 1995 Models 1995
Hawkwind, Friends & Relations 1996
Dossiers II 1996
Letters to Aliens (M Class East) 1997
This is Space 1997
Space Daze
Magnet New Music Sampler Vol. 35 2004
Psytrax 1 2005
Confusion Formula 2006
Dual Forces: Chrome & Helios Creed 2006 DVD


Nick Turner
Skin Yard
Butthole Surfers
Psychic TV
Bill Laswell / Genesis P-Orridge


For information about Helios' work with Chrome, please visit staticwhitesound's Chrome site.

Helios also has a side project called "Dark Mater" which has released 2 albums.  It is composed entirely from keyboards, without the use of guitar or percussion.  More on this to come...

Helios also appears as a musician on other albums:
Nick Turner: Sphinx, Space Ritual, and  Prophets of Time(?)
Hawkwind: Lord of Light
Pigeonhed: Full Sentence
Skin Yard: Fist Size Chunks on the track "Gentle Collapse"
Butthole Surfers: Independent Worm Saloon on the tracks "Clean it Up" and "The Annoying Song"

Due to a mistake in the printing of Cleopatra's release of Psychic TV's Pagan Day, it may appear that Helios Creed performed on this album.  What happened was that the liner notes for Helios Creed's Busting Through the Van Allan Belt got printed in the Pagan Day booklet.

Helios has collaborated with Genesis P-Orridge on Bill Laswell's Hashisheen: The End of Law album.