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The Big One

LP, CD, Cassette

Released: 1990
Flipside Records
Cat. # flip30
Original release was a "picture disk on clear vinyl".

Re-released in 1991 on CD and Cassette with additional material.


Big Drill Car - A Take Away
Popdefect - Bob Says No
Down By Law - Vision
Clawhammer - Hey Old Lady and Bert's Song
The Offspring - Take it Like a Man
Hunger Farm - Guilt
Distorted Pony - Jahr Null
Blackbird - I Need You
Steel Pole Melvins Task Force - Hardball
Sharkbait - Mr. Fernando
Helios Creed - Hard
Victim's Family - Sinatra Mantra
Cringer - Despair Ends
Monsula - Wither
Mr. T Experience - Fill in the Blank
Green Day - I Want to be Alone

The CD also includes these tracks from the album City of L.A.: Power:
Motorcycle Boy - I Hate the Sunset Strip
Sandy Duncan's Eye - Dick Tracy
Bad Religion - Operation Rescue
Spiderbaby - My Mind's on Fire
L7 - American Society
Anus the Menace - It's a Beautiful Day
Trash Can School - (Ride On) Silver Surfer
Creamers - What Will the Neighbors Think?

The Helios track "Hard" is unreleased elsewhere.  Recorded at Razor's Edge by Bobby A.


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