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Confusion Formula
Volume V

Compilation CD

Released: March 2006
Label: Unfortunate Miracle
# umr.035


Contains "indo man", unavailable anywhere else.

the Octopus: at her feet
Terminal Lovers: shadow driver
the Pink Snowflakes: when i'm looking at you/i see three of them
Helios Creed: indo man
Aquarius Void: mouth of shiva
Foreign Correspondent: the lady of the sea
Downtown: breaking waves
Automatic Electronic Conspiracy: kopt
Honeyburn: shoot me fast
Malcom Mooney and the Tenth Planet: girl from marseille
Gypsy Kiss: forgotten
NuSusa: i coordinate care
Ebeling Hughes: and now i can die
Voodoo Organist: creeper acid
Blue Ohm: leave no tracks
the Christ Punchers: conduit (deprogramming in 3 phases)



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