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Insomnia Vol. 1

Cassette, 2 x CD

Released: 1987
Label: We Never Sleep
Cassette# W.N.S 003

Re-released 1993
Label: We Never Sleep / Staalplaat
CD# WNS 020 / S.T. CD 057
Limited edition of 1000 numbered copies.


Greater than One: All the Masters Licked Me
Maybe Mental: Tattamona
Bourbonese Qualk: Black and Blue
Systems Collapse: Sea Coal
The Haters: Fiexcit
We Never Sleep: The War Agains Sleep
The Amnesia Quartet: Let the Children In
Monochrome Bleu: Shino
Savage Republic: Siege
Banned Production: Montage
Human Head Transplant: Lythyn
Dine Forbate: Mind Wars
Blackhumor: Put it This Way
Savage Republic: Spice Fields
Soul Merchants: Salt of Sleep
Helios Creed: Who Cares
Unknown: Religion
Architects Office: AO 365.2

The version of Who Cares on this recording is very different than the LP version.  It sounds like a demo that Helios put together by himself, utilizing a synthesizer and drum machine.




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