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Teriyaki Asthma

Released: 1989
C/Z records
Cat. No. CZ009


Nirvana - Mexican Seafood
Helios Creed - America is in Good Hands
Yeast - Solid Alligators
Coffin Break - Hole in the Ground

This is a hard-to-find 7" probably due to Nirvana's non-LP track.

D. House was on bass and Jason Finn on Drums for the Helios track engineered by Jack Endino.

Teriyaki Asthma Vols. I - V

Released 1991
C/Z Records
Cat. No. CZ037 (CD)

LP has gatefold cover.

Includes the 4 tracks from the original 7" above, as well as the next 4 singles of the series:
Amorphous Head - Lonely Lady
Hullabaloo - Kill Yr. Parents
Pitbull Babysitter - The Head
My Name - Hold On
babes in Toyland - Fleshcrawl
L7 - Bloodstains
Fightwig - Hellway to High
Dickless - Sweet Teeth
Alice Donut - Mrs. Hayes
Vexed - GWYM
Icky Joey - Josephene
God's Acre - Wood
Jonestown - Fuck Your high and Get You Up
Gas Huffer - Hijacked
Porn Orchard - What Kills
Daddy Hate Box - Look Like Hell


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