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Busting Through the Van Allan Belt


Released: 1994
Label: Cleopatra
CD# CLEO94652


  1. Feelings
  2. Busting Through the Van Allan Belt
  3. Screamer
  4. Alien Lady
  5. Hyperventilation
  6. Late Bloomer
  7. Lactating Purple
  8. Drowning Sin
  9. Bubble But

As Helios admits in the liner notes, this CD is "off the beaten path".

Tracks 1 - 4 are studio recordings by Helios and Z Sylver.  Track 5 is a live recording featuring Nik Turner on sax, Tommy Grenas on guitar, Paul Fox on bass, Len del Rio and Del Dettmar on keyboards, and Paul Della Pelle on Drums.  Tracks 6 & 7 recorded live in Switzerland with Z on keyboards, Chris McKay on bass, and Paul on Drums.  Tracks 8 & 9 were recorded live (in the Razor's Edge studios) with Jon Weiss on drums and Andrew Weiss on bass.

All tracks were recorded between October '93 and January '94.   

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