From the Chrome eGroup:

The bootleg is finished and we are already shipping! Remember, for $17 (plus S&H 4.50 US, 7.50 elsewhere), you will receive 1) a Helios Creed 2003 tour t-shirt AND 2) the live bootleg CD with 15 tracks - The Federation, The Probe, The Machine, Die to Fly, The Descent, Lactating Purple, Some Way Out, The Diplomat, Hyperventilation, EVILDEVILMONSTER, Kurt Zombie, Sacrament, On the Darkside of the Sun, Monster Lust, Late Bloomer! The CD features art by Toxic Tommy and was mastered by Jerry Page (from CRUST) and Shepherd Jones.

These bootleg CDs and t-shirts are not (yet) available in any stores -- this is an exclusive offer. To order, send check or money order to: Cynthia O'Brien, 174 Kellar Road, Smithville, TX 78957. Please be sure to specify your t-shirt size ( L, XL or XXL). These t-shirts are 100% pre-shrunk heavy cotton and DO NOT SHRINK in cold water. I also accept PayPal at

[ This offer is not associated with or staticwhitesound, although I can vouch that Helios has authorized this "bootleg" release  -Joe ]