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Released: 1991
Label: No. 6 Records
CD# KAR 009-2

Label: Glitterhouse Records
CD# GRCD 170


sonic boom: overture
kurt ralske: tar, iodine, blood+rust
kathy korniloff: i really can't say
jeffery evans longwood mansion
wayne coyne: i want to kill my brother: the cymbal head
j mascis: a little ethnic song
dean wareham: west broadway
mark e. robinson: guitarrorists theme
marc gentry: mariposa
dave rick: where's gitchi oombigat at?
kat bjelland: bruise violet
thurston moore: blues for spacegirl
helios creed: green volcano
tom hazelmeyer: guitar wank-off #13
paul leary: fillipe mepelpeepe
nick salomon: dark field
don fleming: sound as steel
kim gordon: kitten
nikki sudden: cats cradle
kramer: ovulation always brings me down
neil haggerty: fallen off the rocks
wayne rogers: hoichi the earless
rick mc collum: spider plum
marcy mays: always late
lee ranaldo: here
steve albini: nutty about lemurs


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