Helios Creed Newsletter

Published by Krazee Cyn

December 16, 2005 HELIOS CREED NEWS No. 10

Hey Helios Creed and CHROME fans -- it’s me, KraZeE CyN with another 
newsletter at ya! Where does the time go? The last newsletter was in July 
and here it is almost Christmas. We hope you had a great summer and are 
enjoying this holiday season with plenty of good company, parties and great 
music. For those of you just joining in for the first time, I manage Helios 
Creed, CHROME and Fabienne Shine. Helios and I have been putting this 
newsletter out for two years last month, I believe. Before MySpace.com, it 
was an especially great way to communicate to fans about upcoming CD’s, 
shows, tours and to give fans a point of contact. Since that time, we post 
on various forums and blogs, as well as continue to send this newsletter by 
e-mail to new fans. Send your e-mail address to krazeecyn@msn.com to be 
added directly to the e-mail newsletter list! That address is dedicated 
solely to the newsletter. I can still be reached at 

Our biggest news right now is that the new, unreleased CD has been mastered 
and me and my company, ToxCyn Productions, have been actively searching for 
and negotiating with record labels over the past few months. We’re planning 
to sign with someone by the end of December or early January. We’ve met a 
lot of nice people during the process, so it’s not all that dull and 
unpleasant as you might think!

And now a word from the man himself:

“I’ve been doing a lot of studies on the subject of “Planet X (or Niburu).” 
It’s a red dwarf star that comes into our solar system (I think) every 3,500 
years (more or less). It was first noticed by the Summarians as the “Star 
of the Passing.” It could be on the other side of the sun on an elliptical 
orbit swinging around the sun, coming up from our South Pole going past the 
earth by 2012. I’ve seen pictures of it. A body that large being so close 
to the Sun, is going to cause the Sun to activate in a solar maximum 
situation, which a lot of scientists believe will cause an increase in 
earth activity such as volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunami’s and hurricanes, 
such as we are seeing now. Possible debris that rotates around the dwarf 
star - “ice planets” or “comets” could strike the earth. Some people 
believe the Niburu itself, could strike the earth, which might have 
something to do with the Mayan and Hopi Prophecies of 2012.

I went to go see Bo Diddley a few weeks ago. I hung out with him backstage 
and sat down next to him and said “ya know Bo, I was 1 year old when you 
started your music career!” He replied, “And now look at ya, he he he!” We 
both laughed and shook hands as a friend took a photo of us.

I was recently told that someplace in Europe selected seventy-five of the 
best rock guitar players to be on trading cards. A friend of mine is 
sending me more information about them, but all I know is that I was 
selected and now have my own trading card. I’d like to have the whole deck, 
personally, and will let you know more about them later.

Check out the book “Alien Rock” - I was interviewed about my UFO encounters 
on page 220. There are a lot of prophecies in the book - it’s very 
interesting. When I did the interview two years ago, it was before any of 
the prophesies had come true - but some of them have! I hope I don’t sound 
like I’m tooting my own horn, but they weren’t my prophecies. They were 
channeled to me from an alien ship hovering over my head.

My friend Yolanda Garcia is doing my biography - my life from 12 years on 
until now. She’s also writing another book about her past life, which I’ll 
let you know about when it comes out.

Merry Christmas and have a safe and happy New Year.”

>From KraZeE CyN:

“Inferior Plastic Finger,” a live mastered CD recorded on the 2003 tour is 
available as a “package deal”-- for $17.00 (plus $4.50 U.S./$8.00 
international S&H) you get BOTH the CD with cover art by Toxic Tommy AND an 
official 2003 tour t-shirt (choose from XL and XXL only!). “On the Darkside 
of the Sun,” “On Tour 1999," “Dark Matter II”* and “‘NUGG’ the Transport”* 
(*limited quantities) are also available for only $13.50 each (plus $3.50 
U.S./$6.50 international S&H). Please note: if you order the package deal 
and another CD or more than one CD, there will be no additional S&H charges. 
To order, send payment by PayPal to cynthiaobrien@hotmail.com or send check 
or money order to ToxCyn Productions, 174 Kellar Road, Smithville, TX 78957, 
Attn: Cynthia O’Brien. Orders made between December 19 and December 26, 
will be confirmed on the 27th due to our offices being closed. Happy 

Peace out,
Helios Creed and KraZeE CyN


July 27, 2005 HELIOS CREED NEWS No. 9

Hello, Helios Creed fans! KraZeE CyN here. Is it really almost August 
already? Sorry for the long delay since the last newsletter. Not only 
have I been extremely busy and burdened by health problems this summer, but 
the free hotmail account I was using couldn’t handle the large number of 
newsletter recipients. It kept locking me out of my account for weeks on 
end, every time I did a newsletter. What I’d like to know is, why can’t 
they do that to all of the spammers??? They seem to have no problem blowing 
out my e-mail account even after I report them as junk. Wassup with that? 
Anyway, this and all future newsletters will come from the new subscription 
hotmail account, courtesy of fan, Brent Marley! Thank you Brent - you’re 
the $hit! And don’t worry, any of you can still reach me at my other e-mail 
account if you need to.

Where to begin? Helios and I have so many projects on the table - none of 
which are anywhere near complete (except the new CD - read below). I’m 
still waiting on video tapes before I can begin the video project for Helios 
- which will include clips from the January party, recording sessions and 
the show in Austin. The live soundtrack of the show has been mixed and 
ready for months (thanks to Richard Smith and Jerry Page - you two rock!). 
At this point, we might consider releasing the soundtrack in advance of the 
DVD, depending on demand. This is your chance to e-mail me and let me know 
if you would buy it if it were available - if we get enough responses we 
will do a small first production and take it from there!

The upcoming Helios Creed CD will be mastered next month. Originally, 
Helios planned to do two CD’s - Chrome and Helios Creed. Now, Helios has 
decided to combine the material onto one CD - so it will be comprised of 
songs recorded at both Helios’ studio in Kansas and Bubble Recording Studio 
(Frenchy at majordudes@yahoo.com) in Austin. We are extremely excited to 
have Jerry Tubb of Terra Nova Digital Audio 
(http://www.terranovamastering.com) on-board to master the new CD! Jerry 
Tubb came highly recommended to me by Frenchy Smith, Jerry Page and J.D. 
(Jeff) Pinkus. Jerry has mastered over 6,000 CD’s to date, for bands such 
as Butthole Surfers, Honky, Rocky Erickson, 13th Floor Elevators, Tom Waits, 
Phish, Debbie Harry and ST-37 (one of the bands who played at the party I 
threw for Helios back in January outside of Austin. If you get a chance or 
are in need of someone to do a first-class CD mastering, check out their 
website (above).

Interview With Helios:

Krazee Cyn: Helios, I’ve heard the rough mix of the CD and I must say it 
absolutely kicks ass! Tell us a little about the new CD.

Helios: “It rocks! I think it could be the best CD of Helios Creed and 
Chrome, rolled into one. That’s my personal opinion, but you will have to 
decide for yourselves - so buy it and let me know what you think. Please 
don’t download it, because not only will you miss the artwork, but you also 
won’t be supporting me or the band.”

Krazee Cyn: What can you tell us about the songs on the new CD?

Helios: “I think that they are a reflection of my feelings on the world 
conditions as I see them and that it’s the essence of Chrome. Throughout 
the time I was doing Chrome, when you look at a chrome bumper or anything 
shiny, it reflects the world in its most twisted form. Not like a mirror, 
because it is usually curved and twisted, like my songs.”

Krazee Cyn: Haven’t you decided not to call it a Chrome CD?

Helios: “It will have the essence of Chrome, because me and Fabienne Shine 
are two original members of Chrome. Paul Della Pelle played on some of my 
Chrome CD’s AND Jeff Pinkus and Jerry Page are both big Chrome fans, so we 
were all aiming to make a Chrome CD. But, because Damon Edge’s sister, 
Sharon might profit if the CD makes money, because it will help sell the 
back Chrome catalog, I can’t call it Chrome. I’m going to be sure to add 
“Essence of Chrome” on the CD. Anyway, it looks like Sharon is now going to 
take 75% of all Chrome royalties because she produced a bogus will. I don’t 
want to see her profit when she didn’t have anything to do with the band. I 
don’t even want to go off on that.”

Krazee Cyn: Okay, let’s change the subject. Helios, with all that is going 
on right now in the world, for instance with Bush lying to get us into war 
(Downey Report), how do you think your music might help?

Helios: “Inspiration, escape, comradery, friendship, anti-capitalism and 
something we can all relate to. The reason I say anti-capitalism is because 
as soon as people get caught up in making money, they seem to forget about 
social problems like healthcare, schooling and lower and middle class. The 
people who live at the poverty level are reduced to slave-workers, 
basically. I’m not saying that capitalism has to be bad, but the problem 
with the way capitalism is being abused today by greedy, selfish people in 
power, is that they have no concern or compassion for the rest of the 
struggling society.”

Krazee Cyn: True - look at Canada - they take care of their people. So, 
what is your take on what is going on in our country?

Helios: “Well,” he says in his best Nixon voice, “the war is a mess.” “The 
government’s tool is to keep everybody in fear. That’s how they believe 
they can stay in control. Then people let them have control for the sake of 
homeland security, such as allowing their bags to be searched randomly, 
people being held in jails without charges being filed, reinstating the 
Patriot Act over and over again, and allowing the government to add more 
conditions to it. When people live in fear, they’re willing to submit to 
all of this control, because they feel safer. But, they are oblivious to 
the fact that they are losing more freedom each and every year.”

“Since we haven’t had a major attack since 9/11 (if that was even caused by 
terrorists), I feel the government’s goal is to incite more terrorism, 
rather than stop it. It’s all so the people on the top can have more wealth 
and control.”

Krazee Cyn: How do you think this will affect us all in the future?

Helios: “I think because of the greed and control of the natural resources 
of the planet, that China, the second biggest industrialized nation in the 
world, is competing for the same dwindling resources, oil and whatnot, that 
we are in the U.S. This is creating tension between China and the U.S., 
which could easily turn into war. If Russia jumps on the bandwagon with 
China and sides with the middle-east, we’ll have a big problem. Of course 
the arrogant people in power feel they can solve any problem with their 
superior military technology and whatnot, but do they ever stop to think 
about the consequences to all of the people on this planet? I don’t think 

Krazee Cyn: What do you think those consequences might be?

Helios: “Well, there will be dyer consequences. Also, I think global 
warming from fossil fuels are contributing to drought, record storms, not 
enough rain in some places, too much in others, record heat waves, rainfalls 
and earthquakes. The burning of fossil fuels is destroying our environment. 
Could the earth be rebelling or is it just a submissive rock with no 
consciousness? In other words, we are already experiencing consequences of 
corporate and government actions.”

Krazee Cyn: You are so right on. Things are really getting crazier in the 
world aren’t they? Is there anything else you’d like to say to your fans?

Helios: “Tell everyone to write to me on www.MySpace.com and if they’re not 
already on it, join it and become my friend. I answer each and every e-mail 
that I receive. I look forward to talking with you all again soon!”

>From Krazee Cyn:

The official websites for Helios Creed - www.helioscreed.com and Chrome 
http://www.staticwhitesound.com/chrome/ were both created and are maintained 
by Joe Dupre of www.staticwhitesound.com. Visit often, as the sites are 
updated regularly by Joe. Some of you may have met Joe in Austin this past 
January - he’s an invaluable member of the Helios Creed Family. Thanks Joe 
for all you do!

Helios Creed, Chrome, ToxCyn Productions and me, KraZeE CyN are all on 
MySpace.com nowadays! If you haven’t already, check out our sites. My 
company, ToxCyn Productions, also has it’s own website too - www.toxcyn.com. 
“Inferior Plastic Finger,” a live, mastered “bootleg” from the 2003 tour 
show in Atlanta, is still available. For $17.00 (plus S&H) you get the CD 
with cover art by Toxic Tommy and a 2003 tour t-shirt (XL and XXL only!). 
To order the CD & t-shirt or any other merchandise, visit www.toxcyn.com.

Love and Peace,

Helios Creed and KraZeE CyN

February 3, 2005 HELIOS CREED NEWS NO. 8

Whew! Even for me, Krazee Cyn, things have been simply CRAZY!!! Helios is 
still recovering from the absolutely gruelling schedule during his visit to 
Austin, Texas. The party was dubbed "party of the year" on the Butthole 
Surfers forum by the guests who attended (I hate to say I told ya so). 
Helios recorded a new Chrome CD while he was here! And, the show at Room 
710 kicked ass (despite Helios' amp blowing a fuse during the show - I 
didn't even notice it in the next room where I was hawking merchandise). Oh 
yeah, and we will have at LEAST two new DVD's on the market soon - footage 
from the party, show, recording studio, etc. Here are some of the glorious 
details of Helios' visit to Austin:

First, fan Tommy Mansfield was so very kind and went up to Kansas to pick up 
Helios. Helios needed to bring a lot of equipment and couldn't possibly fly 
down. It turned into a fiasco for Tommy, as the weather turned bad and a 
blizzard of some sort hit in the line of travel. It took several days of 
fighting the weather to get Helios and himself back all in one piece! 
Helios stayed at my place for the first week, restin' up for what was to 
come before he ventured into Austin.

I introduced Helios to Jerry Page, currently of Central Services (also of 
the Bontempi Brothers and CRUST). Jerry was so kind to hook us up with his 
studio to practice for the party/show. He also played 2nd guitar for the 
party and the show (he played 2nd guitar, Liberation moog and an electric 
door spring for the Bubble Studio recording). I also hooked Helios up with 
Kevin Stack and Win Wallace of Gorch Fock (who has opened for Helios 
numerous times), along with Kevin's brother Brian Stack on drums and Reed 
Edwards on synth, so they could all practice for the January 15th party!

The day before the par-tay, Fabienne Shine (soloist, Shaken Street, Chrome 
AND Damon Edge's wife) flew in from Los Angeles. The day of the party, I 
picked up Paul Delle Pella, Helios' drummer on numerous projects and tours, 
who flew in from Pismo Beach, CA. Paul ended up playing drums at the party 
as he and Helios were both itching to play together after not doing so for 
many years! Sorry Brian - you were all ready to go and sounded good, I 
might add!

The party was held on 300 acres, lakeside. Opening at the party was 
Austin's Halo Rings Her Head. Their theremin player, Blair Bovbjerg also 
played Room 710 and recorded with Helios at Bubble (he is the most bitchin 
theremin player I've ever heard)! Then ST-37 (named after Helios' song of 
the same name) played. I hated it, because I had to miss them to go to the 
airport to pick up Paul, but I heard they were great! Central Services came 
on next, I believe (once again, I missed them play because I was picking up 
Fabienne from her hotel room). I've seen them before, so I know what I 
missed. I was in awe the first time I saw them and met Jerry Page - he is a 
musical wiz and Helios loves his stuff and hopes he will work with him on 
future projects. I'm not much of a dancer, but when I heard Central 
Services play, I just wanted to get up and move around. Awesome band! 
Nextup at the party, was the Bontempi Brothers. Jerry Page and Richard 
Smith put on one helluva show! I was fortunate enough to see them play for 
the first time. REALLY fun stuff!!

About this time, local dried and some honey glazed shrooms were introduced 
to the party by a VERY generous fan. A lot of us were shrooming hard when 
Helios Creed and Friends took the stage (talk about purrrfect timing). I 
didn't count how many fans plugged in to the amps to play with Helios, but 
the stage was full of musicians as well as each side of the stage. I'd say 
there were between 7-10 musicians in all. To top it all off, the bonfire 
kept us nice and toasty (as well as the coffee, hot chocolate, beer and 
liquor) AND we were blessed with clear starry skies and a meteor shower 
(tho' most of us thought we were just hallucinating)! We had good 
temperatures during the day (around 60 degrees) and it didn't get too cold 
that night (around 38 degrees). Overall, we had a purrrfect night! It was 
the BEST party I've thrown in years (if I do say so myself)!

More practicing and recording at Jerry's studio followed with a new line-up 
-- Helios, Jerry, Paul on drums, Jeff Pinkus (Honky, $5 Rock, Aerole 51 and 
formerly of Butthole Surfers) on bass, and Blair Bovbjerg, on theremin. 
Thursday and Friday before the show, they all recorded at Bubble Studio in 
Austin, Texas. Bubble Studio is owned by Chris "Frenchie" Smith (of Young 
Heart Attacks) who worked his ass off for us (and still is). He was 
assisted by Jeff Hoskins (formerly of Nice Strong Arm) who also happens to 
be a member of Jerry's band Central Services. Chris and Jeff both (along 
with a couple of techs) put in long, hard hours to get everything down on 
tape before Helios had to leave. Thanks a million guys! We all had a very 
wonderful experience recording there and highly recommend them to anyone who 
is in need of a good recording studio!!! You can reach Frenchie at 

Friday night, the 21st, Room 710 was absolutely packed. I would like to 
thank Woody (owner of Room 710) for treating us right! We all had a great 
time! Helios did a killer version of Master Blaster, along with many other 
favorites -- Some Way Out, Monster Lust, EVILDEVILMONSTER to name a few. 
They covered Honky's Smokin Weed With Helios Creed. Helios was going to 
light up a joint and pass it around to the crowd, but totally forgot to 
bring a one on stage with him! Fabienne sang on two new songs - Sandbox 
Jungle and Nico/Velvet Underground's All Tomorrow's Parties. Look for those 
on the upcoming CDs. Fabienne blew the audience into another dimension with 
her sexy, sultry voice! She used to hang out with the Led Zepplin guys and 
you can really tell that Robert Plant influenced her a lot. You should hear 
her awesome stories - Fabienne was once roommates with Nico (when Fabienne 
was about 15 working as an au pair in France, she was introduced to Nico and 
they became great friends).

For those who missed the show, Richard Smith did a live audio recording of 
it (thank you Richard!). We also had videographers Tom Alter (Wage Slave 
Films - tom@wageslavefilms.com) and Greg Leonard (Random Acts of Productions 
- gregleo@austin.rr.com) there to capture the show (and party) on video. 
Many thanks to you guys!! They both did video for a Crust reunion show last 
fall at Room 710. If you are interested in the Crust video, please contact 
me, as it will soon be released!

I want to thank Tommy Mansfield for picking up Helios, offering up your 
place for the party and for all of the hard work you put into it. Tommy's 
place is the shit, by the way! I also want to thank all of the musicians 
who came together for the party and show, especially my bud Jerry Page for 
letting us use his studio and for all the things he did in connection to the 
party (playing three times, the use of his drum set and P.A. system, and 
setting up ST-37 to play, just to name a few). Jerry was absolutely 
indispensable! My friend, Shepherd Jones (Jerry's girly), also helped us 
tremendously - she helped me get everyone where they needed to be and helped 
me run errands for everyone. It got really nuts at times! Shepherd - 
you're a lifesaver and I thank you from the bottom of my heart! Jerry and 
Shepherd also put up Helios at their place for a few days when recording at 
Bubble went over - thanks a million you two!

Here's a few words from Helios:

Hello everybody!!! Still recovering from the exhausting schedule of 
recording and practicing. Needless to say, I was too fried to party after 
the Room 710 show (I wish I wasn't cuz all my friends were there - sorry for 
being half outta it). I think I slept for about 18 hours after the show. 
I'm still feeling a bit fatigued. Of course, that is one of the symptoms of 
Hep C, which I am also battling. But, I am determined not to let it stop 
me!!! It is sorta like fighting a war. I hope someone comes up with a cure 
for this shit soon! When I'm rested up completely, I will be working on my 
solo CD again until it is completed.

I enjoyed all of the new people I met in Austin. It was good to see Pinkus 
again and meet his family! It was also nice to meet Jerry Page and Shepherd 
Jones - we all became instant friends. I hadn't seen Fabienne in about 22 
years - so it was REALLY good to see her again. I hadn't seen Paul, my 
drummer, in quite a few years (since the last San Francisco show), so that 
was cool. He is my favorite drummer to play with. Joe Dupre 
(staticwhitesound.com) even flew in from San Francisco for the show. It was 
great to see him again! It was nice chillin' with some of the lovely ladies 
of Austin too, I might add. I'm back home in St. George, Kansas, where 
nobody knows who the fuck I am, or even cares! Just the way I like it.

I wish you all could have been at the party! I just wanted to make 
everybody happy at the party, so I bought some beer, which I can't drink, 
for the pople that could. Another new friend of mine brought mushrooms for 
those who couldn't or don't drink (for the total psychedelic experience). I 
felt the party was an experiment in sound, noise and repetition, like the 
indigenous tribes used to do in their celebrations when the took 
psychedelics to invoke the spirits! I feel we need more of that in our 
Walmart culture and need to get back to the root of what is real. It was my 
goal for the party! I was very pleased at how friendly and happy everyone 
was! No dicks or weirdos! I want to thank everybody for that!

Eventually, it would be nice if we could start a new community of free 
people, to share these interdimensional experiences in each others' company. 
Maybe if we could, we would be able to learn more about the universal 
mind. If anyone has any ideas or wants to donate land or money for more 
HelioFests, let us know! Anything to bring the good people of the world 
together in view of the ugliness that is also taking place on the planet. 
We all need a piece of free sanctuary now and then, not just the club scene 
or just trying to make money. I would like to be able to give more to 
people of our kind and not ask for anything in return so they can find out 
how good it feels! I would like to do sort of a Rainbow Bridge II in 
dedication to Jimi Hendrix on the Island of Maui. That is my ultimate 

Of course I can't do any of the things I want to do by myself, so I want to 
thank everybody involved who have and will help make all of these things 
possible! Peace!

One last word from KraZeE CyN:

If you would like to be included on our e-mail list for this newsletter, 
contact me at cynthiaobrien@hotmail.com. I also have quite a few posters 
from the show at Room 710 for sale ($5 plus S&H), as well as some CD's ($10 
pluys S&H) - On the Dark Side of the Sun, NUGG the Transport, Dark Matter I 
and Inferior Plastic Finger ($17 plus S&H - a remixed live show from the 
2003 tour that comes with a tour 2003 t-shirt) and a few St. Helios Prayer 
Candles ($6 plus S&H). To purchase any of these items, contact me at 
cynthiaobrien@hotmail.com - you can also pay me via PayPal at the same 
address. I also handle the fan mail for Helios at that address. Oh, and a 
lot of people were asking me after the show, where they could get Fabienne's 
music. You'll find a nice selection of CD's of her band Shakin Street on 
cdbaby.com. Some of you may remember back when they opened up for Black 
Sabbath on tour (the tour hit Austin) many years ago (might a been '89).

Helios would like to offer CD's that are personalized (to each individual's 
name, from Helios), from his stock. Anyone interested, contact me and I'll 
give you the details. Helios will soon be on MySpace.com and we will have a 
Helios Creed forum up and running soonll! When it is all set up, it will be 
time to do another newsletter and I'll give you the web addresses. I can 
also fill you in on my upcoming trip to L.A. to visit Fabienne and to meet 
with a few record companies we are considering! In the meantime, look for 
Bek Sabbath's article in the Rank and Revue due out February 15th! Until 

Helios Creed and Krazee Cyn

P.S. Check out the pic of Helios approved for this newsletter. The credit 
for the photo of Helios smokin goes to Beky Hayes (bek sabbath of Rank and 
Revue). I'm throwing one in of Helios' grandson, who looks just like he 
mustav looked as a baby, I swear! He's a little messy - it's feeding time! 
I keep forgetting to add pics for y'all. I have some great pics from the 
party, thanks to my friend Profytt! I'll try to get her to send me the jpg 
file so I can include them next time.



December 16, 2004 HELIOS CREED NEWS 
No. 7

Hello! I have lots of news!! First – Helios got himself all moved into his 
new place and he is loving it!! One fan, Thomas Mansfield, came to the 
rescue and was able to help Helios move at least one room full of equipment 
to the new place. Thank you Thomas!!

Plans for Helios’ trip to the Austin area have now been confirmed. I am 
arranging auditions for January 14 in Austin at Jerry Page’s studio. Helios 
is looking for serious, experienced musicians to go on tour with him in the 
spring. If you are a musician and are interested, please contact me (and 
include your qualifications) at cynthiaobrien@hotmail.com , or if you know 
of any great musicians, guide them our way!

I would like to extend an invitation to all of you who receive this 
newsletter, to attend a private party for Helios, on January 15th in 
Bastrop County, Texas. Exact directions and the location will be given in 
the invitations I will be mailing. If you are interested in attending, 
please contact me with your mailing address. You may bring friends with 
you, but the host of the party has asked that only one car per invitation be 
admitted at the gate (the party is on a 300 acre property, lakeside). It 
will be a no frills thing - bring your own cooler full of supplies, grill, 
etc. I hope to be able to offer coffee/hot chocolate. We will have a nice 
big bonfire and an outdoor stage for Helios and his friends to jam! If 
you’ve never met Helios and/or if you want to hang out with him, now is the 
time to start planning that road trip.........

Helios Creed and an all-star line-up play Room 710 in Austin on January 
21st! Jeff Pinkus (Honky, Butthole Surfers) on bass, Paul Delle Pella on 
drums, Fabienne Shine (Chrome, Shaken Street) on vocals and Jerry Page 
(Central Services, Crust) on keyboards and second guitar, will all grace the 
stage with Helios. Tommy Victor (Prong) has also mentioned he could 
possibly make an appearance that night!

If it is raining on the 15th, the party will be moved to the 22nd. Sorry 
there is a week between the party and the show for you outta-towners, but 
that’s how the cookie crumbles as “they” say (who is “they”???). For those 
who miss all of the festivities in January, I am talking with others about 
creating a DVD to memorialize everything. Look for that in the upcoming 

For the rest of January, Helios plans to begin recording his solo and Chrome 

>From Helios:

I am looking forward to partying with you all! I hope you can get off work 
and come party for a week! Tomorrow, the 17th of Dec., I am jamming with 
Honky in Lawrence, Kansas at the Jackpot. I will be playing guitar on 
“Smokin Weed with Helios Creed” and a couple of other songs. I hope to see 
you there if you’re in the area.

I am working on a new Chrome CD and am in the middle of a new Helios Creed 
CD. My health is looking better - I am feeling better. I hope everybody 
had a good new year in 2005! Helios Creed signing out........

>From Krazee Cyn:

“Inferior Plastic Finger,” a live, mastered “bootleg” from the 2003 tour 
show in Atlanta, is ready and for sale through me. For $17.00 you get the 
CD with cover art by Toxic Tommy and a 2003 tour t-shirt. Shipping and 
handling are extra ($4.50 US, 7.50 out of U.S.). Please specify your 
t-shirt size. A portion of the proceeds will go towards the 2005 spring 
tour! (If you already have a t-shirt, I can sell you just the CD). I also 
have “On Tour 1999" and “On the Darkside of the Sun” in stock right now. 
They are available for $12.50 plus shipping and handling ($3.00 US, 6.00 out 
of US). I accept PayPal at cynthiaobrien@hotmail.com, or you can mail a 
check or money order to me at Cynthia O’Brien, 174 Kellar Road, Smithville, 
TX 78957.

Love and Peace,

Helios Creed and KraZeE CyN



November 18, 2004 HELIOS CREED NEWS 
No. 6

Hey y’all, KraZeE cYn here talkin’ at ya. It’s been a year since the first 
newsletter, and it’s amazing how fast time went (and how little I 
accomplished). Where the hell does the time go, anyway???? I didn’t get 
half the stuff done I had hoped to do for H - boo hoo. All work and no 
play makes Krazee Cyn a dull girl.....................

H finally got ALL of his equipment repaired (and a new guitar), so he’s been 
able to lay down some tracks -- yeah! It sux tho’ cuz now H has been 
feelin’ less than well - the Hep C is kickin’ his a$$ again. If he can get 
the Hep C under control, 2005 promises to be the $hit – new Helios Creed and 
Chrome CDs, spring tour (U.S. only), possible new video(s), etc. 
Fortunately, H is feelin’ better now than he has in a month or so. He’s been 
sleeping for days at a time. We really hope it’s just a matter of build’n up 
his strength again so he can get on with his life. He’s taking vitamins, 
tryin’ hard to eat right, adjusting his attitude (naturally tho’- he gave up 
weed for his probation - couldn’t risk a third dirty u.a.). So pleeeze 
everyone - light up those Helios Creed prayer candles, pray, visualize 
and/or meditate (whatever) for Helios - as he can REALLY use all the help he 
can get right now – thanx all!

Fabienne, the late Damon Edge’s wife, plans to come visit me in January, 
the same time as H (I live close to Austin), so we’ll all be out and ‘bout. 
I’m sure you already know she was also a vocalist and back-up singer for 
Chrome. Fabienne has a new CD out called No Mad Nomad (notice the play on 
words AND if you read the title backwards, it’s Damon Damon - nice title). 
It’s under Fabienne and is on FB Music. Check it out! She has the voice of 
an angel, I’m tellin’ ya!

Like H, Fabienne hopes to do some jammin’ with local musicians while she’s 
here, and I plan to line up some gigs for both her and H in Austin. Fabienne 
also plans to sit in on the auditions for spring tour musicians that H will 
be holdin’. If you are a musician and interested in playin’ with either 
Fabienne or H while they are in Austin, (or are a friend or fan who wants to 
visit with/meet them) contact me at cynthiaobrien@hotmail.com. We might 
just have a big party! Any excuse for a party is a good one, eh? Keep in 
mind that any and all plans H and I are making are not set in stone cuz of 
his health.

A fan bought H a fairly new home ( nice eh?) not far from where he lives 
now (unfortunately it’s still in bumfuk Kansas, no offense). He hasn’t 
moved into it yet since he’s felt so crappy, but a change of place should do 
him good (at least for me it does - I couldn’t tell ya how many times I’ve 
moved)! All kinda $hit needs fixed in his current home - a/c, plumbing, 
floorboards, etc. It’s a really old place so ya know how that goes. 
Hopefully H will have the strength to move into the new place soon. If you 
live in the Kansas area and want to volunteer to help H move by any chance, 
contact me!!! Hey, don’t laugh, I’ve always heard the sign of a true 
friend is if they’ll 1) bail ya outta jail and 2) help your ass move - ha 

Enough from me - here’s H:

Hello everybody! First, I’d like to give a review on Fabienne’s new CD, No 
Mad Nomad!! It’s not in the space rock genre like Damon and me, but here 
are the things that I like most about it:
Each song is not indulgent because each song is short and to the point. You 
can’t help but fall in love with her french accent. You can feel that not 
only is she a beautiful woman, but her heart is as beautiful as beauty 
itself. Each song has a way of making a warm feeling in your heart. You 
just want to give her a great big hug!! I’ve listened to the album, I 
believe six times, and each time I listen to it, I feel happier and happier.

She is such a wonderful person. I feel Damon was a fool for screwing up 
their relationship. If I had a woman like her, I would treat her like a 
queen. You will pick this up on her music. She has talent beyond MTV or 
VH-1. She blows away all of the divas of today, but she has not yet 
received her due. I am doing my best to get her on VH-1's Band’s United 
with Shaken Street, her band. I believe she deserves more notoriety, not 
just because she’s beautiful, but she has a heart of gold and both come 
through in her music. Fabienne has even been on tour with such major bands 
as Black Sabbath when they were at the peak of their popularity. Fabienne is 
from France. The French are not know for their rock bands, but Fabienne is 
one great exception.

Fabienne must be an angel from heaven here to enlighten us on love and 
beauty. If you knew her like I do, you would just want to embrace her for 
the whole world! Her voice is so enlightened because she has this French 
accent with an American perspective. Maybe you don’t like traditional rock, 
but the way Fabienne does it, we can’t deny her talent and love for 
humanity! All I can say is from the mind of a man who makes space rock and 
industrial dabbling, is that my whole heart goes out to her and I would do 
anything to make her life better. If you buy her record, I guarantee you 
will not be disappointed. No matter what kind of music you like, because of 
Fabienne’s pure soul and because she stuck with Damon Edge through thick and 
thin, you should give respect where it is due - for this amazing woman. She 
will soon be making a Chrome CD with me and I truly respect her for her 

Back to me and my life, I don’t know what to say, except I somehow lost my 
license. It’s been revoked for three months. It’s been very hard to be me 
lately, and I thank God Fabienne came into my life like an angel! I 
appreciate all she has done for me, and I would do anything for her. If 
anyone out there has anything to do with the Band’s United show on VH-1, I’d 
like to talk with you about helping Fabienne. Also, if everyone would 
please write letters to the show, etc., we may be able to get her on.

I am working on my new CD – it’s been really rough without any support 
musicians. I’m still on probation, as you know, so it makes it tough. I 
can’t travel until January. Can it get any worse?? I love you all for 
supporting On the Dark Side, and believe you me, I am on the dark side right 
now. You might see that album as a musical prophecy for me and the rest of 
us. I pull no punches. Love, Helios Creed.

CD’s and Merchandise:

For all of those fans who missed the On the Dark Side Tour in 2003, the next 
best thing is now available!!! H now has an official live On the Dark Side 
Tour bootleg CD. Fifty percent of the profits from this CD will go into the 
Helios Creed’s 2005 tour fund! We are taking pre-orders at this time (we 
expect them to be ready to ship in a couple of weeks). You can purchase 
this CD by contacting me at the above e-mail address. Toxic Tommy did the 
art work for this CD and it is available for $17.00 plus shipping and 
handling, which includes an On the Dark Side Tour T-shirt (specify size 
please - no smalls or mediums left – also, we do ship internationally).

Sales are doin’ really well on the Chrome compilation put out by Cleopatra 
Records this past June. Check that out if you haven’t already. I went to 
Waterloo Records in Austin recently to pick up a copy and was disappointed 
that I couldn’t find even one Helios Creed or Chrome CD there. What’s up 
wit’ that? If you, too, are having trouble finding H’s last three CD’s, On 
the Dark Side of the Sun, Spider Prophecy or Chrome’s Ghost Machine, get on 
‘em at your local music store to order some and check out the 
staticwhitesound.com or Amazon.com sites - you can order ‘em there.

As always, forward this newsletter to other fans and if anyone would like to 
be put on the direct mailing list, please let me know. I have posted the 
last two newsletters on the BHS board, but that isn’t the “norm.” I want to 
thank all of the musicians who contacted me regarding the spring tour - no 
date in January has yet been set, and I will contact you as soon as I have a 
date! Lastly, I want to thank the fans and especially Fabienne, for 
everything they do to help support Helios! You are our heroes!

Peace, love and happy holidays -

Helios Creed and KraZeE cYn


August 17, 2004 HELIOS CREED NEWS 
No. 5

Hello! I hope you have all had a great summer. I had a blast traveling. 
The summer hasn’t been too bad for Helios, either! As usual, he’s had his 
ups and downs, but he always lands on his feet.
H has a lot on the back burner and hopefully sometime this fall, he’ll be 
making some music! We’re still shopping record labels at the moment for a 
new CD H has been working on (without all of his equipment working). He 
recently spoke with Jeff Pinkus (of BHS and Honky) and it might work out 
that he can lay some tracks down with him on a project Jeff is working on. 
Kevin Stack of Gorch Fock has been talking with H about some guest 
appearance(s) this fall in Texas and Kansas.

The best news of all, H will tell you below!

August 3 - Helios Says:

In other world news, Alaska is melting! Greenland is getting green! And, I 
failed another urinalysis for marijuana and hope I don’t go to jail this 
time! I’ve been really good since the last u.a., only puffing once in six 
weeks and I still freakin’ flunked the u.a.! How’s that for rotten luck?? 
So, put in a good word to the Maker for me that they don’t make a federal 
case out of it! The only thing I have left to quit is cigarettes, but I 
need to wait until the stress of “waiting for the judgment” comes to pass. 
[14 days later, no word, so it’s lookin’ good and H and I have a pact to 
quit smoking cigs on the 24th -- KC]

I had a psychic healing by a girl named Yolanda. She actually helped me out 
a lot. She’s very reputable and in the past, the police have used her to 
successfully solve homicides. She lives in Sedona, Arizona, and came to 
visit me in my home, after she continually began having dreams that she 
needed to contact me. Since the healing, I don’t need pain pills anymore or 
Klonipin to help me sleep! If anyone is in need of her assistance, her 
office phone number is 928-282-7336 or www.silent-love.com if you want to 
check out her website. I believe she’s the “real McCoy.” [update - Yolanda 
went to visit H again and he is doing VERY well – KC]

Record sales are continuing to pick up on The Dark Side of The Sun. I 
started a new solo project, and am still trying to get my equipment all 
fixed so I can lay down some tracks. I’m planning to do a new Chrome record 
with Gary Spain, John Lambden, and Fabienne Shine (Damon’s wife) will appear 
vocally, and Tommy L. Cyborg and previous rythym section.

>From Krazee Cyn: H is really doin’ well! He’s free of meds and has a GREAT 
attitude. I’ve been working with Fabienne Shine Wisse (formerly of Chrome, 
now on tour with her band Shaken Street out of L.A.) to help her obtain 
Damon Wisse’s royalties from Touch and Go Records. She gave them a 
deadline. She plans to use some of the royalties to fix H’s equipment so he 
can get his next CD out!! Wish us luck!

Thanks for all of the inquiries about H. I’m happy to update anyone via 
e-mail anytime.

>From H 8/17: Going back to Yolanda again, she did a reading on my dad, who 
is a hard-core Catholic, is very skepitcal of psychics, and she totally won 
him over! She claimed that Helios Creed’s solo records have made her more 
psychic and she wanted to repay me for that gift. So check out her website. 
Happy trails............

May 27, 2004 HELIOS CREED NEWS No. 4

>From Krazee Cyn

Hello! Every time I go out to see a show, I inevitably have someone ask me 
about the real story regarding the 2003 tour that ended abruptly in 
Cleveland. H and I decided that the best course of action was to say 
nothing, but rumors flowed and one of the band members posted a bullshit 
story that it was a lack of money that ended the tour. So, we have decided 
it’s time to tell H’s side of the story.

As most of you know, H was in a car wreck a week before the tour and smashed 
his finger. He had a pin in it and was in quite a lot of pain, so he was on 
painkillers (vicodin to be exact). He got a lot of shit from his band mates 
about taking his meds (which really seems unfair to begin with). It’s no 
secret H sometimes takes too many of his pills. But, he ran out of them by 
the time they played in New Orleans (when I left the tour).

At the Cleveland show there was a heckler that was giving H a lot of shit. 
At the end of the set, he said something like “fuck you, you’re lame” or 
something to that effect and put down his guitar and walked off the stage. 
No encore. This put his band mates’ panties in a bunch or something. Noel, 
the drummer and a newlywed, told Roddy and Chris that H was fucked up on his 
pills (not true). That fueled the fire and Roddy, who just happened to be 
the driver and owner of the tour van, went off saying how H was 
“unprofessional” and all and told Chris and Noel he was leaving and they 
could either stay or come with. They chose to go with so they “could get 
home to their pussies” to quote H.

Not only that, Roddy had MY t-shirt money, which he stole, claiming H owed 
him money AND H’s bass guitar and equipment (he NEVER gave H back his 
guitar, the BASTARD). Roddy was a complete DICK with his head so high up 
his ass, I’m surprised he didn’t gurggle farts when he talked and he was 
being an ass from day one (he has a real ego problem - kept telling H they 
were “equals.”).

Well, the guys started wiggin’ out in New York (being small town boys) so H, 
who had been paying their hotel, gas, meals AND on top of that was splitting 
the money from the shows equally between the four of them before doing so, 
decided he better only pay them a “per diem” to keep ‘em on the road. That 
is, not paying the whole amount and holding back a bit. That’s why Noel 
started the rumor about how H didn’t pay them.

H was MORE than fair - he paid for them out his own share of the four way 
split. Noel has no room to talk about H owing HIM money - as he lived with 
H for two months rent free and H even fed him while making “On the Dark 
Side.” Roddy stole not only MY t-shirt money, but H’s guitar (H broke his 
door down getting his speaker boxes and amp back from him). I’m really sick 
of their whining! They need to get over it. I’ve had so many musicians 
tell me they’d pay H to play with him or play for free!

Noel has since “made up” with H (he was pissed off at H because he felt H 
“owed him”) but he did spread a lot of shit on both the Chrome and Butthole 
Surfers’ Boards. Shame on him - maybe H should send him a bill for the rent 
and food for those two months Noel lived off of him - sorry Noel - I really 
like you, but you need to face the facts, hon and stop your bitchin’! 
(Roddy - you’re a fuck up and I hope no one in their right mind ever gives 
you another chance - oh yea and on your band “Ramrod’s Invention” CD all you 
do is whine - grow up and get a life!).

The rest of my t-shirt money (that H was holding) went to buy him (with my 
blessings) a car so he could get back from Cleveland with the little 
equipment he had left. And H had to pay off the promoters, etc. who got 
ROYALLY screwed thanks to Roddy AND Noel and Chris not standing up for H. 
Further, I never did get my investment out of the t-shirts since the tour 
was cancelled. So, that’s the scoop and the honest to God truth!! It’s time 
the record is set straight.

>From the H Man

I’ve heard there are rumors about Chrome going on tour. That’s not going to 
happen for at least a year and a half. I have been talking to Paul Della 
Pella and Bean about getting together and recording in a few months, though.

Another issue I want to bring up is about people making copies of CD’s for 
their friends. I was at an acid party recently and they were playing Spider 
Prophecy and Ghost Machine and I noticed that they were just copies. I was 
glad everybody was enjoying the music and all, but that struck me as odd. I 
understand when someone is poor and can’t afford to buy the CD, but, if you 
have the money, please buy CD’s so the artist is being supported. How can 
an artist afford to put out CD’s if nobody pays for them?

I want to thank everybody that sent me get well wishes recently when I was 
in the hospital. I’m doing better now. I really appreciated hearing from 
so many fans. Thanks!

I’m doing an interview with Subzone (from the Chrome Board) tonight, and I 
imagine that will be posted, so look for that.

I’m working on some new material to shop around with the record labels. Cyn 
found out that Amphetamine Reptile is re-releasing Last Laugh in June, so 
look for that. A lot of people don’t have that CD because it was out of 
print for about 10 years, but now it will be available. Cleopatra did a 
Chrome Anthology which is already available - FYI.

Until next time!


I still have t-shirts for sale left over from the 2003 Tour if anyone is 
interested. I’ve been too busy to post them on eBay, so e-mail me directly 
(cynthiaobrien@hotmail.com) if you want one. $10 plus postage (which cost 
more for those out of the U.S.). We are all out of CD’s and so is H, sorry! 
You can still get the last three releases from staticwhitesound.com and 
there are a couple of tunes you can download from iTunes off of the “On the 
Dark Side” CD.
Later gator!

Helios Creed and Krazee Cyn

Helios Update
2 May 2004  

Hello! I am very happy to report that H was released from the hospital 
Saturday and is now back at home. We've spoken at great length and he seems 
ready to take on the world again! So, it looks like he's back to his ol' 
self! I'm sure he'll have a lot to tell us about in the next Helios Creed 

H would like to thank everyone for all of their well wishes!

Krazee Cyn

Helios Creed Update
29 April 2004

This is not a newsletter -- sorry. It's to let you know that Helios 
collapsed outside of his home this past Tuesday evening. Since he was 
outside his home (luckily), neighbors called EMS immediately. He was flown 
to Topeka, KS and admitted into an intensive care unit at a hospital there. 
Thanks to a very competent doctor, H is resting comfortably and today was 
transferred to a local hospital for further treatment. I spoke with his 
father earlier this evening and he said Helios looked "better than I've seen 
him look in weeks." I was able to speak with H this evening and he is in 
good spirits. I am confident that he would appreciate your prayers and 
e-mails at this time. If any of you are interested in sending flowers, you 
may contact me for the hospital information. H tells me that he thinks he 
may be able to go home in 3-5 days, so let's all wish him well and remember 
him in our thoughts/prayers/meditations/etc. (light up those St. Helios 
prayer candles if you have one)!!!


Krazee Cyn

April 2004 Helios Creed News No. 3

Hey from Krazee Cyn

As always, things have been KRAZEE since the last newsletter! I've been 
through the ups and downs (here lately) with H - there is always something 
going on to deal with! In the words of George Harrison, "you know, it don't 
come easy." Any self-employed artist or person living from paycheck to 
paycheck knows that! H is a self-proclaimed starving artist as he is not 
embarrassed to admit it. We covered royalty issues in the last issue and 
how little artists actually make from CD sales. Merchandise seems to be one 
way an artist can actually realize a small profit. A couple of years ago H 
asked me and my hubby, Toxic Tommy, to help manage him and we have been 
brainstorming since. On a small scale, we have been very successful, so 
it's time for us to move forward. Here's the scoop:

We've sold out of H's CD stash on e-Bay! Toxic Tommy and I still have over 
one hundred 2003 Tour t-shirts for sale. I haven't had them on e-Bay for 
over a month, so I promise to get them back on soon! In the meantime, if 
anyone would like to order one they can contact me. We still have a few 
grey and blue ones left in a couple sizes, and tons of black ones in all 
sizes! They are $10 each. But, there is bigger and better stuff to 

I've mentioned that Toxic Tommy and I will soon have other Helios Creed 
items for sale. We've talked about offering copies of impossible to find 
CD's like "The Last Laugh" and "Dark Matter I" with new Toxic Tommy cover 
art. We are checking into the legal technicalities of making that happen. 
More exciting, H also has some unreleased and live music we will be putting 
together for a CD in the very near future!!! We've talked about possibly 
by-passing the record companies or just shopping around until we find a deal 
H can live with! Several record companies have expressed interest, but they 
won't talk numbers with us until they receive the samples of the music 
(imagine that). We are working on that now.

It looks like I may also finally be getting some videos together for sale! 
There is a lot of live footage from the Dark Side tour, I have about 8 hours 
of interviews and other stuff I shot with H, Toxic Tommy and myself two 
years ago, a short film, and hours of more recent footage, to work with. I 
have the equipment and skills to do it (I have three movies under my belt), 
but I have either become technologically illiterate or everything is 
incompatible with the XP computer I bought -you think you're upgrading and 
nothing works.

I bought all of this new equipment two years ago - computer, dvd burner, 
movie camera, movie making software to replace stuff I had that actually 
worked. It sux! I wanted the stuff I did for H to look good so I spent 
thousands of dollars upgrading. However...even my older movie camera was 
superior so I still use it! It's been frustrating. But, hey, I'm on the 
right track - I almost have the stand alone DVD burner working (the software 
appears to be outdated - my friend Ben tells me they've improved a lot in 
the past two years!). Are there any computer geeks out there familiar with 
XP and Movie Shop Pro for XP who might want to offer me some sorely needed 
advice regarding the language compatibility problems? If so, I'd REALLY 
appreciate hearing from you! I blew my budget on the damn equipment and 
have no money left to pay a tech! I'm determined to get some DVD videos 

On the Chrome Front

I'm sure most of you Chrome fans already know that Chrome was listed in Mojo 
Magazine as the fourth best post-punk band in the world in a recent issue. 
They had a little write up about the band if you haven't seen it yet. H 
can't remember when it came out, but it was within the last six months we 
think. I know he told me about it around the first of March. That's all I 
know about it, so, on to more news!

>From the Fans

Thanks for sending e-mails, etc. to me for H! I forward everything to H and 
he really appreciates hearing from his fans! John Matthews sent us an 
interesting e-mail about Helios Creed dreams he has had. Thank you John. 
John started a website at www.famousdreams.com which features his two dreams 
about Helios and a sketch he did of "his impression of Helios." He welcomes 
H's fans to take a look at his site!

We've also had many requests for photos. This newsletter has a few photos 
attached. These photos are not to be reproduced without permission!!! 
Photo credits: Helios live 2003 photo taken by Debbie Kennedy, Wash. D.C. at 
Baltimore, Maryland show; heliosb+wphoto photo taken by Bill Roth of Chrome 
in studio circa 1980's; and H_KC photo of H and Krazee Cyn taken by me at 
home in 2002. My thanks to Bill Roth and Debbie Kennedy for the photos and 
permission to use them in the newsletter!

Straight from H

"My latest news is I got busted from a dirty urinalysis. - THC - so, the 
King can't smoke pot (I was knighted by "Honky" as the King of Marijuana - 
in "Smoking Weed With Helios Creed). So, it's up to people like you to get 
this shit legalized for medical use. I've been told by no less than 3 
doctors, one in Hawaii and two in California, that I should smoke weed 
instead of using any other prescription drug, because everything is so toxic 
for my liver (as you probably know I have Hep C). Here in Kansas where I 
live, they live in the medieval times and I definitely and am at the end of 
my rope. Things seemed to be going really well for me until this.

I had a bit of promissing news on the royalty issue with Touch and Go 
discussed in the last newsletter. Fabianne Wisse (Damon's wife) contacted 
me (through a friend) and said she was going to claim the royalties (held by 
them for Damon) and share a portion with me, as she knows I had done most of 
the writing, performing and promoting of the CD re-release. Not only that, 
Damon died owing me about $165,000 (Manfred of Dossier had given it to Damon 
for me and I never saw a penny of it); Fabianne knew this and said she 
wanted to help, but......I haven't heard anything since and that was over a 
month ago.

I'm still working on the new record without any record company backing, so 
it is coming along slowly. I'm looking for a better recording deal on the 
next CD after the way the past few have worked out (or should I say, haven't 
worked out). I am plagued with equipment problems topped by financial ones! 
But, this is old news......nothing has changed much since you last heard 
from me.

Spiritually and psychedelically I still have faith in my fans. It's not 
unusual that shit should come down on a guy like me because I am trying to 
make the world a better place. Throughout history, it seems that anybody 
who tries to do this always pays a price. I mean, look at John Lennon, Jimi 
Hendrix, Jesus, John Kennedy and Martin Luther King -- anybody that tries to 
change the system gets fucked and it is impossible to go against the grain. 
Not that I am in their league or anything, the point is I've been trying for 
35 years to go against the grain and my record has been pretty good up until 
now. Nowadays things are just getting harder. Those who dare to take a 
stand against fascism, bullshit and narrow-mindedness stand alone. That's 
the history of our world.

'If you stand by me, I will always stand by you' - that is for the people 
who simply buy a CD from me and appreciate it! That's how I feel. And why 
do I feel this importance to my life - because I support psychedelia which 
is the only counter-culture movement which has never faded and very few 
people support this counter-culture. Some of my oldest fans belong to this 
underappreciated niche. My music is very important to them spiritually. 
They have connected to my music and it is a bridge for them. I hear this 
from fans all the time. Without them, there would be no need for me to go 
on. It keeps me going. Other than that, I don't feel my life is any more 
important than anyone else's. It's not the money. There is no money when 
it comes down to it, it's the spirit of the people who have a symbiotic 
connection with me that make it all worthwhile."

Wrapping it Up

>From H - "I love you all and couldn't do it without your support. I want to 
thank each and every one of you from my heart."

>From K.C. - Until next time! Check e-Bay often for new Helios items (handle 
- toxictommy69) or e-mail me with orders. If you've received this 
newsletter from a friend and want to be added to the mailing list - e-mail 
me at cynthiaobrien@hotmail.com. I look forward to hearing from you!

Helios Creed & Krazee Cyn

Feb. 2004 Helios Creed News No. 2

Sorry for the long delay between newsletters No. 1 and No. 2! Both H and I have been busy. H came down on my birthday in December and stayed a couple of weeks. We had a blast doing the Chrome chat board!!! We were like two little kids in a candy store that night. We almost didn't get on because Toxic Tommy was asleep and only he knew the password. We got it out of him at one minute to show time. Then we had to go on as Toxic - we couldn't figure out what else to do! Chatters caught on and H answered a lot of fan questions and just generally goofed around with them (and me as the silent typist)! 

Upcoming Show!!!

H wants to let everyone know he is going to do a show this coming Saturday, February 7th in Omaha, Nebraska at 906 North 16th Street - a warehouse/art space. The phone number to call for information is: Pete and Chris Lochren at 402-690-6324 (cell) or 402-344-8061 (reg. number). It isn't a club - H says, "it's better than a club. "It will be more like a party than a club atmosphere. If you are in the area, you might not want to miss it. It should be a pretty wild event. There's a good chance it will be my last show indefinitely, due to all of the problems [financial and health] that I'm having." H told me that everyone can feel free to bring their own party supplies - he says this party may go on ALL NIGHT!!!!! Stuff to drink will also be available at the show, but don't be shy about bringing your own booze, etc.

The directions to get there if you are coming east on 80, you turn off on 480 until you get to Cummings. Follow Cummings east to 16th Street. It is on the corner of 16th Street. 

If you are coming in from the west, just go down 480 until you run into 16th Street. Make a right on 16th until you get to Cummings and 16th Streets. 

Upcoming CD

H has been working on and recorded a couple of new songs. No names or words yet, because "my equipment isn't working right and I don't have the money to get things fixed at this point and time." Helios feels that for the time he "did Chrome, there was a 'scene' and that type of music was popular. Around '92, there was a scene for Helios Creed. But these days", he says, "there is a very little scene and it's hard to find people with money to back me. So it will probably be a while before the new CD is finished." I'm not sure if this is a reality or not. H may see it this way because of..........

Financial Woes

Helios Creed and Chrome CD sales aren't necessarily bad, but that doesn't mean Helios sees much in the way of money! Most people don't realize just how little the artist receives for their efforts. Joe at Static White Sound sent me an interesting link to an article written by Courtney Love on this subject - http://dir.salon.com/tech/feature/2000/06/04/14/love/index.html. And, now I understand why some artists complain about their music being downloaded! H has a few things to say about record companies himself.

One neverending headache for H is with Touch and Go. I have been talking with Touch and Go over disputed royalties for "Alien Soundtracks/Half Machine Lip Moves" for almost a year and a half now. Before that, H dealt with them since '96 (Damon died Dec. '95 and the contract ended March '96). Damon Edge's sister is trying to get all of the money being held by Touch and Go. "She produced a will that looked fake," says Mike of Touch and Go. She told H that Damon left no will. H says "Damon's sister tried the same thing with Cleopatra Records years ago and at least Brian knew better than to give her money and gave me the royalties. In that case her lawyer told her she didn't have any right to it." Not the case with Touch and Go - she hired an attorney who has dragged this thing out for 8 years now. "I am getting 15% from Touch and Go, although there has been no contract since 1996. I am co-owner and co-writer of all of the songs. Thirty-five percent of the royalties are being held because of Damon's sister. I was told by lawyers that since she doesn't have a valid will, she isn't entitled to anything, yet she is keeping me from getting my fair share because we had words over the phone once and I told her to fuck off. That's when Brian of Cleopatra gave me the money. Cleopatra seems to be honest." Anyway, that's one big ongoing mess. 

H says "One of the biggest mistakes I ever made was working with Manfred of Dossier Records. I've never seen a penny from 'Spider Prophecy' or 'Ghost Machine,' not to mention 'Chromagnum Man,' ''Nugg' The Transport,' and 'Colors of Light.''" Another bad deal, "Man's Ruin verbally told me they owed me a sum of money, before they went under. They went under only because of all the trips that the President of the company made to Japan, spending everyone's money until they were bankrupt" he says. 

H says "Joe of Static White Sound is a personal friend and he is doing his best to make 'Dark Side" happen, but he is having a struggle because there doesn't seem to be a 'scene' right now, although CD sales do seem to be picking up." I conversed with Joe via e-mail recently and he didn't seem to have quite as grim a view as H regarding Dark Side sales. He told me he hasn't tallied the 2003 sales yet. So, we'll see. Maybe Joe will have some encouraging numbers for H when he does!!

Message from Krazee Cyn

So, money problems continue to plague H and have become a serious hindrance to his making a new CD! The CD's are selling, but he isn't seeing much of the profits! H has authorized Toxic Tommy and myself to make some hard to find CD's such as "Dark Matter I" and "The Last Laugh," with some Toxic Tommy art and put them up for sale on e-Bay. That should happen in the next few months. H has also been cleaning out his stash of record company freebies and giving them to us to sell. He signed a bunch of them that he brought to us in Dec. Those are on e-Bay for sale now, along with Dark Side Tour t-shirts. The t-shirts and CD's can also be purchased directly by e-mailing me. Toxic and I make sure H is well taken care of when we sell stuff for him. We all have a symbiotic relationship, you might say! Hell, we're family!

The survey that Toxic Tommy did on the Chrome Chat and I did in newsletter No. 1 resulted in such a hodge podge of styles, sounds, genres, etc. there was no clear "winner." H really enjoyed reading all of his fans responses. He realized it really didn't matter what he does musically, there seems to be fans that will like it! The two songs he has in the works are completely different from one another! But, they are both Helios Creed songs so you can bet they will be great when he finishes them!

Something that H doesn't talk about - he suffers a lot from the Hep. C. He is living in a small town to be close to his elderly parents, and unfortunately, that means shitty docs. No liver or pain specialists in town. He's trying to get info about the latest Hep treatment - a different version of the one he tried two years ago. We don't know if he is a good candidate for it or not. In the meantime, he is in a lot of pain. H is a spiritual person and, no matter what your beliefs are, I know he would appreciate your thoughts or prayers! He doesn't discuss his illness much - he isn't the kind of person that would burden someone that way. Toxic Tommy sold a St. Helios Prayer candle at the shows in Texas and Louisiana. Don't forget to light those candles and think of H. 

One of the great things about this forum is that his fans can reach out to him and he to them. I forward e-mails to H from his fans or read them to him over the phone and he has been attempting to answer them (he's getting that e-mail thing down)! If anyone would like to send a letter, card or anything else to him, I would be happy to get it to him. For privacy, of course, he can't post his address, so fans can send stuff to me at: 174 Kellar Road, Smithville, TX 78957. Just address them to Cynthia O'Brien and in parenthesis put (Helios) so I know not to open it!

Special Message from H

"I love and appreciate all of my loyal fans and without you I would probably be sweeping floors - lol - ha ha!" "I am bringing a box of 25 of the new CD's and loads of posters, some older CD's and Tour 2003 t-shirts to the show on the 7th!" "I hope to see you there!"

Krazee Cyn is Outta Here

Forward this newsletter to other Helios/Chrome fans. If you receive a copy of this from a friend, be sure to e-mail me at cynthiaobrien@hotmail.com to be added to the newsletter mailing list!

Krazee Cyn and Helios Creed

Helios Creed News 

Welcome to the first Helios Creed News! Helios wanted a forum to reach his fans while he is becoming computer literate and joining the 21st century! So, this is it!! 

You will all be happy to know that Helios has reformed his band! Helios will be putting another CD out in the near future, and is inquiring to his fans, to let him know what music they would like to hear next from him. 

Question: IF you were to do psychedelics (even if you don't do them) what type of psychedelic style of music would you prefer? 

Helios Creed's newest CD, "On The Dark Side of The Sun" is now available. It totally kicks ass and many, including myself, have said it is the best yet! If you would like to hear many of the songs from this CD, or order it online, check it out on http://www. Amazon.com! If you haven't added his two 2002 releases, Helios Creed "Spider Prophecy" or Chrome "Ghost Machine," they are available at http://www. staticwhitesound.com. 

Hopefully, many of you were able to catch the 2003 On the Dark Side summer tour. Anyone wanting an official tour t-shirt can find them on http://www.eBay.com (offered by toxictommy69) or order them through me. Toxic Tommy also did the art for the t-shirts, as well as the covers of Spider Prophecy and Ghost Machine. If you liked his art, visit his site on http://www. heathenworld.com for hours of laughter! He also has an older interview with Helios on that site. 

Helios did a phone interview with fan Mark Prindle in October of this year. You can read this interview at http://www.markprindle.com/creed-i.htm. It covers a lot of ground and Mark did a very good job getting it down! Thank you Mark! 

Many of Helios' fans have asked what certain songs are about. This is your forum to ask Helios and receive an answer! Fire away! He read me the story of Mother Shipton the other day, whose life was the inspiration for his song entitled "Lady Deville." Mother Shipton was a prophet in the 15th century. She did not receive the fame that many prophets of the past have enjoyed, instead being burned at the stake after having been accused of being a witch! Helios recommends that his fans enter "Mother Shipton" on your search engine to find many stories on this incredible, unappreciated woman. I was amazed at the stories Helios told me about her prophecies and how accurate they were and those that are even at the present, coming true! 

Some of you may be familiar with the "Chrome" website. This is a members only site that offers a chat forum. The site has served fans of Chrome (Damon Edge and Helios Creed). Helios Creed continued to put out Chrome CD's long after Damon Edge's tragic death. Many of the members belonging to this site are divided between these two legends of the original Chrome band. Helios has sometimes given input to this site through Toxic Tommy. He would like to clear up one of the biggest misunderstandings between his and Damon Edge's fans. What most of the devoted Damon Edge fans do not realize, is the fact that Helios and Damon remained friends to the end. Chrome disbanded because Damon moved to Europe and isolated himself while going through a horrendous break-up with his wife and he suffered from severe depression. Damon and Helios were sending tapes back and forth from Europe, and had a new CD in the works when Damon met his unfortunate end. These tapes were incorporated ! into the Chrome CD's that Helios went on to make. "Angel of the Clouds" was Helios' tribute CD to Damon Edge. Helios has done his best to remain faithful to the "Chrome" sound! 

The upcoming newsletter will publish the results of Helios' question to his fans as to the style of his next CD! Be sure to send in your answers as soon as possible. More explanations as to his inspiration for various songs will also be included in the next newsletter, as well as answers to any questions you might want to ask. Send this e-mail to your friends! For those who would like to begin receiving these newsletters, please e-mail me. Helios and I look forward to hearing from you! 

Krazee Cyn a/k/a Cynthia O'Brien a/k/a Mrs. Toxic