The Early Gigs

Here is my attempt to chronicle all Helios Creed shows.  For shows in the present millennium, see the main gig page.  I have started with some notes I made when looking at Toxic Tommy's collection of fliers, and then tried to recount my own experiences.  I invite others to contribute! 


Date Where Venue Evidence


1984-02-09 San Francisco Mabuhay Gardens Flier from collection of Toxic Tommy
1984-04-06 San Francisco Mabuhay Gardens Flier from collection of Toxic Tommy


1985-01-14 San Francisco Graffiti
Flier from collection of Toxic Tommy
1885-? San Francisco Victoria Theater I was there.  (My first Helios show.) One of his amps caught fire!


1986-12-26 San Francisco The Farm I was there.(R)


1987-09-04 Berkeley Gilman Street Project I was there.(R)


1988-08-20 San Francisco On Broadway Flyer: "Sat. Aug. 20th w/ Drunk Injuns & Hose from N.Y" (Could be '94?)


1989-07-15 San Francisco Club Komotion I was there.(R)


1990-02-08 Tempe Sun Club Bootleg video
1990-05-19 Santa Cruz UCSC "Kresge Day Festival" A.Mullen(R) 


1991-02-11 San Francisco Kennel Club I was there.(R)
1991-04-03 San Francisco Paradise Club I was there.(R)




1993-04-27 Minneapolis Uptown Bar B.Beving(R)


1995-02-05 Ghent, Belgium Democrazy D. Vlaeminck


1997-11-14 San Francisco Transmission Theater I was there.(R)


1999-05-15 San Francisco Great American Music Hall I was there.(R)












Random Notes...


Toxic Tommy has the fliers for the following:

Monday Jan 14 (1985) "Graffiti" (valencia/24th San Francisco) 
Thurs Feb 9 (1984) Mabuhay Gardens w/ Mind Over-4, Corpus Delecti 
Friday April 6th (1984) Mabuhay Blue Cheer / Helios Creed / Die:Sieger 

I need to check my flier collection...


??/??/83 San Francisco Ca, On Broadway (w/Stench Bros)
??/??/89 Los Angeles CA, Ragis
02/02/90 Tempe Az, The Sun Club
03/20/90 Ann Arbor Mi, Club Heidleberg
03/07/91 New York CBGB's
10/12/94 Philadelphia Pa, Khyber Pass*
10/14/94 Hoboken Nj, Maxwells*
10/15/94 Baltimore Md, Memory Lane*
04/02/98 Chrome: Phila, Pa Nick's *
04/04/98 Chrome: Cleveland Oh,
04/11/98 Chrome: Minneapolis Mn 1st Ave (7th Street Entry)
05/06/99 Philadelphia Pa, Nick's *
03/23/03 Lincoln Ne, Duffy's Tavern
08/21/03 Phila Pa, North Star Bar*

the dates marked with an * are ones I actually attended so I can be sure of the date/venue.
Hope some of these help.