Auditions 2005

From various bulletin boards 9-Dec-2004:

Get ready for an afternoon and evening filled with fun fun fun. This is
still being put together and this notice is just to serve as a heads up to
my little fucktard friends here. I want to see every one of you fuckers

I will be hosting the event at my 300 acre country estate about twenty
five miles east of Austin near Bastrop. The party is going to be at my
lake house. We are going to have a stage and bonfires.

There will be water on tap, but feel free to bring your own coolers.
Parking is right next to the stage area, so you don't have to lug your
shit all over.

Helios is going to be there for the whole thing and we plan on having an
intense gathering of musicians that will be able to play and jam with
Helios through out the event. He will be auditioning prospective
candidates for his band he is putting together during the event. This will
be done onstage in front of party attendies and it should be fun. I
envision a gong show type thing, but I am shure helios will not approve.

It is going to be by invitation only and obtaining an invitation can be
done soon as we put more of the package together. Helios's manager will
handle the request and sending to you the invites.

I will have a guard posted at the front gate and the only way you can get
in is with an invitation. Don't worry though, I will be in walkie talkie
communication with the guard and no one will be kept out over invitation
issues. Were just keeping out courious peasent neighbors and the police.

So chew it over people.......... saturday,January 15th 2005.

If it rains, we will have it the following saturday.